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our service delivery approach

We offer various contractual options clients can choose from to specify how our consultants will interact with your internal staff. These models provide flexibility to balance cost, value, risk, and responsibility between Calybre and the client.

Aligning To Your Needs

Calybre focuses on skills augmentation, providing training and development opportunities to its consultants to ensure they are equipped with the most up-to-date data skills.

We Guarantee The Best People

Calybre offers Data and Analytics as a Service (DAaaS), a framework that has been developed internally. It's the cornerstone of their approach to data analytics, providing a solid foundation for consultants to deliver exceptional value to clients.

Elevate Your Business

Calybre's ideal customer is an enterprise or consultancy partner that wants to manage its own projects but needs capable data skills and experienced consultants at scale and at a competitive price.

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Redefining The Data Landscape

Calybre's drivers include passion for data, striving to be the best in the world at creating and maintaining a learning and supportive global environment for data professionals, and consistently meeting their customers' demands for skilled data resources at a competitive price.

our tech-agnostic approach

Calybre's ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving tech environment is what sets us apart. We adopt a tech-agnostic approach and proactively embrace emerging technologies and practices such as generative AI. This ensures that we remain relevant and capable of supporting our clients across the entire spectrum of the data and AI consultancy domain.

“We are impartial to specific products and will identify the best solution regardless of the technology provider.”

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