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our story

Owned by TrueSouth Capital, our DNA is about discovering and backing people to create opportunities for consultants, customers’ businesses, partner consultancies and society at large.

Calybre was born from the unique chemistry, experience and world-leading data consulting experience of TrueSouth Capital founders Grant van der Wal, Alexa Bisschops and Ryan Jamieson.

With their proven track record, the founders provide mentorship and support to the Calybre leadership team, enabling it to scale rapidly.

our mission

"Our ambition is to become the most desirable place for data skills globally by radically redefining how clients and talent experience the category."

our leadership

Alexa Bisschops

Chief Executive Officer

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Passionate leader with 13 years in Data Technology, excited about building a business with colleagues. Committed to upskilling individuals globally, eager to form a team of dedicated consultants, and collaborate with valued customers and partners.

Ian Wilson

Business Development Lead

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In 25 years of IT sales and leadership, my focus on enhancing customer experience has driven my career. Utilizing data and deep domain expertise to help customers understand their business motivates me daily.

Ryan Jamieson

Chief Technology Officer

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I am passionate about three things. Data, growing people into becoming data professionals and impacting the lives of our customers through data. Oops, I forgot to mention tech in general. My experience and role as CTO allow me to engage in these areas daily and keep me energised in the future.



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We believe that everyone should have access to the data skills needed to thrive in today's data-driven world. That's why we are committed to bridging the gap between talented data professionals and businesses seeking to leverage the power of data. We aim to provide "Data Skills for the World."

Dillon Mantle

Engagement Lead

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With 18-years data engineering experience spanning diverse domains and technologies, I strive to expedite teams on their data-driven journeys. My passion lies in cultivating world-class data capabilities through assembling exceptional teams dedicated to innovation and excellence.

Yolanda Smit

Engagement Lead

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Guided by "If I grow, we grow; If we succeed, I succeed," I joined Calybre, after 20 years in Data Consulting, to tackle global data skill gaps. Partnering to cultivate true data literacy, we shape the next generation for success in the evolving data landscape.

Wessel Malan

Engagement Lead

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With 6 years in data consulting, I, as an Engagement Lead, value excellent data skills. My passion lies in guiding and empowering consultants to exceed client expectations, contributing to successful data-driven initiatives.

Carly Sunshine

Operations Lead

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With over 10 years in HR and Operations in Data Consulting, I joined Calybre to shape the next-gen data professionals, committed to exceeding expectations. My passion for data and dedication drive our vision.

our values


We are passionate about data.


We are proud to be part of an amazing team that does amazing work.


We have confidence, passion, grit and energy and we show up with authenticity every day.


We believe in each other and in the opportunities we can create by working together.


We strive to create a work environment and culture of belonging where people can thrive.

our culture


Our culture thrives on inclusivity, where every voice is valued. We foster a sense of belonging, creating a diverse and supportive community that celebrates individuality and collective success.


We prioritize collaboration, forging strong partnerships with clients, colleagues, and the community. Together, we address challenges, share insights, and innovate for lasting success


In our data-driven environment, we champion continuous learning and curiosity, providing resources to keep our team ahead of industry trends and adaptable to change.

Get ready for the future.

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