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We Are Passionate About People & Data

Calybre is all about people…..

People who are, first and foremost, passionate about data; who approach their work with confidence, passion, grit and energy and are continually excited by the opportunities we create for each other by working together. 

Our team is made up of like-minded individuals who have set out to achieve amazing things in the data technology domain. We are platform agnostic, embracing the full breadth of the data competency.

We journey with our customers in their quest to build and improve their data assets, to develop their data capabilities and to create value from their data, independent of technology, industry or geography. Our goal is to in this partnership is to be chosen as their trusted partners and as their go-to source for data talent. Our customers are typically mid-sized to large businesses, enterprise organisations and consulting partners.

Data Capabilities for the World

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Geographically Unlimited

Calybre is a rapidly growing global company with headquarters in the UK and a growing presence in South Africa. We are not bound by location and although we may focus our growth in specific areas to service customer needs, our belief is that our people can work from anywhere.


Calybre is well-positioned to access and develop great talent and provide these capabilities to customers across the globe, servicing the growing need for this high demand capability.

Culture is Everything

We test ourselves against our values in our decisions and actions, allowing these guardrails to guide and direct us.

Every person who engages with Calybre in any way should be positively impressed by the intangible - the culture that binds us together. 

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There are certain core human values that we believe should be at the heart of every person and that set the standard for how we engage with each other and everyone around us. These values include integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, consistency, transparency, trustworthiness and accountability. 

The Calybre values are additional to these core values, creating a high standard that each and every employee should be proud to achieve.

Our Values


We are passionate about data


We are proud to be part of an amazing team that does amazing work


We have confidence, passion, grit and energy and we show up with authenticity every day


We believe in each other and in the opportunities we can create by working together


We strive to create a work environment and culture of belonging where people can thrive

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How We Approach Our Work

We support continuous learning, leading our consultants on clearly defined career paths and focusing on the whole person with as much emphasis on power skills as on technical knowledge.

We lead by example and with empathy, ensuring high trust and partnership between all Calybrians.

We offer flexibility in working hours based on our consultants level of seniority, reflecting our level of trust in their ability to get the job done. 

Accountability comes from within. Without accountability, you cannot be a Calybrian. 

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