Calybre: a new-age consultancy for ‘data people’

Tech Central
February 20, 2024
Alexa Bisschops

South Africa has a new data consultancy. Called Calybre, it’s headed by CEO Alexa Bisschops and is positioned as “the best partner for any company’s data people”.

Bisschops joins TechCentral’s TCS+ show to chat about the launch of the company, its co-founders and their backgrounds, and why the company believes the market is ripe for the launch of a “next-generation consultancy”. Watch or listen to the discussion below…

In the interview, Bisschops unpacks:

  • The background to Calybre and its market positioning;
  • What a next-generation consulting company does exactly, and what makes it different to traditional technology consulting firms;
  • The plans for Calybre’s growth in 2024 and beyond;
  • How Calybre works with technology companies;
  • What a typical client engagement looks like;
  • The impact of artificial intelligence in the consulting space; and
  • Much more besides.

Don’t miss this insightful discussion about an exciting new player in the local – and global – data consultancy market.

Watch this episode of TCS+

About Calybre

Owned by TrueSouth Capital, Calybre’s DNA is about discovering and backing people to create opportunities for consultants, customers’ businesses, partner consultancies and society at large.

Calybre was born from the unique chemistry, experience and world-leading data consulting experience of TrueSouth Capital founders Grant van der Wal, Alexa Bisschops and Ryan Jamieson.

With their proven track record, the founders provide mentorship and support to the Calybre leadership team, enabling it to scale rapidly.

This article was originally published on Tech Central on 20 February 2024

Alexa Bisschops was on TCS+, listen here

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