How Do Junior Consultants Add Value?

Ryan Jamieson
January 9, 2023

Data analytics and engineering are becoming increasingly important to businesses as they look to make data-driven decisions and optimise their operations. As a result, the demand for professionals with these skills is growing. However, a shortage of people with these skills makes it difficult for businesses to find the expertise and support they need.

As a CTO with many years of experience in the consulting industry, I've worked with a wide range of professionals, including juniors. In my experience, there are a few key reasons why clients should consider using junior consultants in data analytics and data engineering:

  • They have a fresh perspective: Junior consultants are often fresh out of university and bring with them a new perspective and enthusiasm for learning and problem-solving. This can be especially valuable for clients looking to tackle new projects or challenges.
  • They are eager to learn: Junior consultants are typically eager to learn and grow their skills, which can benefit clients looking to build long-term relationships with consulting firms. They may be more open to feedback and eager to take on additional responsibilities as they gain experience.
  • They can be cost-effective: Junior consultants can be a cost-effective option for businesses looking to access data analytics and data engineering expertise without breaking the bank. These young professionals often have lower hourly rates compared to more experienced professionals.

It's important to note that junior consultants may not have as much experience as more seasoned professionals, which could lead to longer project timelines or a need for additional training and support. However, with the proper guidance and mentorship, junior consultants can bring a lot of value to data analytics and data engineering projects.

In Calybre, we have the consultants, the training programmes and the leadership and support require for junior consultants to thrive and add extreme value to your business.

As an experienced CTO, I can confidently say that clients looking to access expertise and support in data analytics and data engineering should consider using junior consultants. Their fresh perspective, enthusiasm for learning, and lower hourly rates can all be major assets to your business.

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