How Calybre Defined Their Brand Story from the Start

eatbigfish Africa
May 2, 2024

Calybre, a newcomer to the data consulting market, knew they needed to get it right from the start when launching their business into a highly competitive industry. They approached eatbigfish (represented by Delta Victor Bravo in Africa) to help them distil and consolidate their brand story in a clear, impactful way that would resonate with their target audiences (both internal and external), while remaining true to their core values.

“After examining the market context, we found that Calybre's target clients face rising internal stakeholder expectations amid growing external complexity. Potential clients need to make the most of their investment in people in order to live up to these expectations, but are often let down by self-proclaimed experts who fail to deliver. Our Challenger workshop discussions unveiled something unique about Calybre – the dedicated approach to sourcing and nurturing talent ahead of the customer’s need and the desire to deliver beyond the norm, expressed as ‘expect more’. We transformed this into a clear perspective on how Calybre ensures delivery, turning it into a rallying cry to guide all operational decisions,” says Delta Victor Bravo founder, David Blyth.

As a challenger brand, Calybre drives progress in its category by showcasing the relevance of its offerings to a new generation of client decision-makers. Our go-to-market plan spans a 3-year horizon, with specific activities aligned with each clearly defined SMART objective. These initiatives are designed to establish a distinct voice for the Calybre brand, strengthen connections with prospects and clients, drive action, and cultivate a community of like-minded next-generation thinkers."

Alexa Bisschops, CEO of Calybre adds, “Through the collaboration with eatbigfish, we have gained invaluable insights into our business. What began as a feeling and an intangible belief, evolved into clear, well-articulated statements that define who we are and what we stand for. The team at eatbigfish guided us through a process of analysis, research and probing discussions, capturing the essence of our business, beliefs and behaviours. These statements, which now translate across all our communication channels, serve as the foundation of our brand narrative. They are not merely fabricated concepts but authentic reflections of our goals and aspirations. Through this process, we've been empowered to share our story with the world confidently.”

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